A post-it note offering a brief explanation

Oh, dear Lord, my dearest readers, I’m so sorry to have been aforsakin’ you for the past few many weeks, but I come humbly back into your presence at this time offerin’ and beggin’ you to accept my apology and story of explanation.  Fer the past few weeks, I’ve been off on a little adventure to Floridy with my trusted assistants Grizelda Jane and Rendered Posterior in the hopes of gatherin’ up stories on gator wrasslin’ and fresh-squeezed orange juice. In the process, I come across some amazin’ sights, sounds and smells and learnt the secret to whippin’ up a perfect coon, almond and kraut souffle which I may share in the comin’ weeks. But now, I find that my printin’ press is down. Yes, to be more specific, a critter done creeped into the wirin’ of my laptop and fried and fizzled the works of it to pieces. Now, I’m aworkin’ on Grizelda Jane’s computer when I can, but I cain’t that often as it’s a long buggy ride up to the metropolis of Onion City. So I’m askin’ ya to jest hold your horses for a bit. I’m still areadin’ your wonderful pages from the screen of this new-fangled cranberry tellyphone I have, but I jest cain’t comment like I’d like to for the moment. But, hang on because we’ll have this machine back up and runnin’ again before you know it.

Jest wanted to let you know that more possum goodness will be comin’ soon and please don’t give up on me. Not yet. I will share that souffle resippy. I will.


One response to “A post-it note offering a brief explanation

  1. Really – did a critter get in your lap top? Yeouch! That must have been a nasty surprise for all!!!

    Well, hope you’re back for good soon!!

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