History of TPG

The Possum Gazette was born about seven years ago out of the overactive imaginations of two close friends with plenty of time on their hands and not much else to do otherwise.  Each and every story written within its hallowed pages, though at times based on certain true events and people, is purely fictitious and if any coincidences are discovered between stories and events printed in The Possum Gazette and real life events, well, heaven help those poor people. 

Sarah Hogenswallow does in fact hold two degrees, one of them being an English degree.  However, her sense of humor overshadows her sense of logic in nearly all cases.

And please remember — Hogenswallow was born and grew up in a small town and was raised around several people with larger-than-life imaginations, so she’s in no way laughing AT the people and events of Bell Bottom Creek, but rather she’s laughing WITH them.


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